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"Not all those who wander are lost." -J.R.R. Tolkien

Technical Writer and Graphic Designer. Physically female - grumpy old man by nature.



>ChaoticFayth is a student at Missouri State University, seeking her Bachelor's Degree in Professional and Technical Writing and Editing, with a minor in Graphic Design. (However, Graphic Design used to be her major, with a dual-minor in psychoanalysis and marketing, but that changed in Spring of 2012 and is neither here nor there any longer.) She works for the Missouri State Bookstore as the student manager for BearHouse Entertainment, the Bookstore's video game satellite store, and a once-in-a-while student employee at the satellite trade books store, Paw Prints. Meaning, between 20+hrs a week at work, and 4 classes in her semester, tumblr is the only thing keeping her sane.

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agent coulson, alistair, allison scagliotti, altair, anders, aria t'loak, arthas menethil, ashelia b'nargin dalmasca, assassin's creed, aveline vallen, balthier, bash von rosenberg, bethany hawke, bioshock: infinite, black knight, black widow, bobby singer, brian braddock, bruce banner, bucky, bulfrek, captain america, captain britain, captain marvel, carol danvers, carver hawke, cassie lang, castiel, chandra nalaar, chell, clay kaczmarek, clint barton, commander rogers, commander shepard, corvo attano, crowley, danai gurira, dane whitman, daniel rand, dc comics, dean winchester, desmond miles, dishonored, dovakin, dragon age, dragonborn, edi, elder scrolls, falcon, farkas, faron, fenris, final fantasy xii, flint, fran, garrus vakarian, gideon jura, hawkeye, ian bohen, iron fist, iron man, isabela, jace beleren, jack, james barnes, james rhodes, james vega, jane shepard, javik, jeanene fox, jeffrey dean morgan, jeremy renner, john shepard, john winchester, joker, judge magister gabranth, judge magister zargabaath, justice, kaiden alenko, kal'reegar, karliah, kasumi goto, kate bishop, legion, leliana, liara t'soni, magic: the gathering, malik al sayf, manu bennett, marvel comics, mass effect, mathew st. patrick, max martini, meredith stannard, merrill, michelle rodriguez, milla jovovich, miranda lawson, mordin solus, morrigan, mothman, namor, natalia romanova, nathaniel howe, nikolaj coster-waldau, nite owl, noah von rosenberg, noureen dewulf, nyreen kandros, orsino, ozymandias, phil coulson, pokemon, portal, rorschach, sam wilson, sam winchester, samara, sebastian vael, shaun hastings, skyrim, stature, steve cortez, steve rogers, steven hackett, sub-mariner, supernatural, tali'zorah vas normandy, thane krios, the hulk, the impala, the outsider, thor, thor odinson, tony stark, tron, urdnot bakara, urdnot grunt, urdnot wrex, vilkas, volkner, vossler york azelas, war machine, warcraft, watchmen, zaeed massani, zevran arani


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